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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Overprinted Themed Sheets - not new but .....

Oh dear! Not content with overprinting unsold stocks of Business Sheets it seems that a certain Smilers dealer is turning its attention to unsold stocks of  Themed Sheets! 

Rushstamps have issued a limited print number of 32 sheets (seems a rather random number - possibly unsold stock?) of their London 2010 Themed sheet (TS-174) overprinted with National Stamp Day / May 6th 2010 / "Philatex" in three lines in Black - bottom left and top right margins. The sheet has been allocated the Catalogue reference TS-174a. Another worrying development! (11/08)

View the Smilers News Item

Monday, August 2, 2010

Smilers Overprints - Your View

Recently we posted this entry which has raised a few heckles.

Rushstamps are selling the (2004) set of four Elvis Presley sheets produced by Benham overprinted in Silver with the wording 75th Birthday Anniversary - 1935-2010 - Limited Edition of 75, priced at £75 a set of 4 sheets. The sheets will be given the Smilers Catalogue Numbering BC-034a, BC-035a, BC-036a and BC-037a.

Some of you wrote to us expressing your views and we wanted to give Smilers Collectors an opportunity to express their view directly to the sheet producer.  Here is your opportunity...