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Monday, November 1, 2010

Bletchley Park Cricketing Sheets - Rained off!

At the end of September 2010 Bletchley Park Post Office contacted its customers advising them 

" ..... a  decision has now finally been made to cancel the issue of these two (cricketing) sheets." 

Customers were advised to contact Terry Mitchell (terry@ltmp.co.uk) who would be able to give a more detailed explanation, if required. At least one customer was offered alternative personalised sheets produced at Autumn Stampex in lieu of a full refund (in this case in excess of £100 ) against funds paid out by him as far back as July 2009.  Shortly before this announcement we received feedback from another keen collector who wrote to us and said...

 "I am not too impressed with BPPO - they announce sheets, collect the money and then more than a year goes by and the sheets have not yet appeared! They have been holding on to my £100 all this time!". 

We are interested to hear from other collectors concerning their experience - are you experiencing similar delays in obtaining a refund from Bletchley Park Post Office or was this just an isolated case?  In any event here is your opportunity to have your say.