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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Customised/Personalised New Smilers now available  

I have patiently waited months to get my hands on images of these new customised stamp sheets, and despite numerous requests to Royal Mail I am still waiting! However, good news!! I can now share with you actual images of the issued sheets, courtesy of a fellow Smilers sheet collector who has kindly provided images of his order. The eight new customised stamp sheets individually each represent a single themed stamp from the recently issued set of eight Smilers stamps with the theme (e.g. Mum) highlighted in the top-left/bottom-right of the sheet. As the sheets are available in both half sized A5 and full sized A4 sheet formats (10/20) the sheet theme is highlighted twice in the full sized sheet design along with the Royal Mail strap-line.  The sheet designs bear more than a passing resemblance to the generic stamp sheet design, disappointingly in our view.  Click on any image below for more detailed information on the individual sheet designs.

Disappointing, to say the least, is how we have summed up these designs, which look a little last-minute and rushed to mirror the generic sheet design and the updated Smilers range.  I can't help thinking that Royal Mail seem to have lost the plot on this one!! When a customer orders a sheet of say Love stamps they should receive a keep-sake sheet with the stamps and labels set in a sympathetic boarder design - not a mish-mash of colours and graphics reminiscent of the entire range of Smilers - No!!  It's just not appropriate for a single-themed customised stamp sheet, but that's just our view - what do you think?