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Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Gruffalo Generic Sheet

On 10th October 2019 Royal Mail plan to issue, in addition to a set of six new stamps, a mini sheet and other collectible products, a brand new generic Smilers sheet comprising  10 x 1st class stamps and labels featuring four new stamp designs as featured in the mini sheet issued as part of Royal Mail's latest mega media Gruffalo issue. The issue is timed to coincide with the the 20th anniversary of The Gruffalo, a 1999 children’s picture book.

Whilst the stamp designs may have an appeal with younger children, I do not expect this media based issue will be very popular with the British stamp collecting community. Despite an apparent appeal with the younger generation, unfortunately for Royal Mail they don't buy many stamps! Taking into account Royal Mail's falling share price and tumbling profits there appears to be no evidence that these so called pop-culture issues add any value to Royal Mail as far as its shareholders are concerned. Is it not time that Royal Mail re-thought their special stamps issue strategy and selected more traditional themes that the stamp buying public can get excited by?

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  1. I can not agree more with your comments - the 'Smilers for Kids' Sheets / packs were short-lived and Royal Mail do not seem to have learned any lessons from that! Sadly, Ian Billings was correct some years ago in predicting the limitations of 'Smilers' Sheets which have, by and large, crashed in value to the extent that many can now be bought for less than face value. Over production by Royal Mail and certain private entrepreneurs killed the market and the interest. Many Collectors are sitting on their Collections which are now worth a fraction of what they originally paid for them.